Welcome to Bio Energy Pvt. Ltd.

 Bio Energy Company is a registered Private Limited company incorporated under Companies Act, 2053. It is purely a profit motive business organization located in Nepalgunj, Banke. The company is established in 2003 AD with the main objective to eliminate poverty of the rural and backward societies through sustainable use of renewable energy. This is an autonomous business organization aiming to promote standard of living of the people of the Mid and Far Western Development Regions, mostly living beyond the scope of Central Distribution Lines, providing them solar home system and micro hydroelectricity systems.

We  are the only Authorized Distributor for Nepal


About us :

We provide complete solar project development for businesses and remote sites – from initial feasibility study and design to arranging finance, installation, and ongoing support.
Our Business Microgrid uses unique American technology directly integrates with your diesel generators to reduce load and fuel consumption.At remote sites, our Community Microgrid systems use 100% solar energy to supply for all your core energy needs, with options to.........

Nepal's Energy Future :

Load shedding is here to stay for atleast another 8 to 10 years according to the experts at Nepal Electricity Authority.
Other experts predict that might be 12 to 14 years in actuality. While there is no replacement for hydropower as a primary energy source for Nepal's long term development, we have provided a table below to show why we are adamant about the need to develop solar power.